Void Warrior

A hybrid of Hack’n’Slay and Tower Defence that was implemented in Unity as a ten-person student project within half a year. It’s about an Art Déco style robot that defends its mind against the invading minions of an ancient lovecraftian god being. In the beginning I worked on the general concept of the game, later I participated in the development and programming of individual mechanics.

This project began with the elaboration of a basic concept idea, which I intended to present to my fellow students. In a short pitch, I tried to summarize and convey the mechanics, the desired game feeling and the artistic style grippingly by means of simple sketches, mockups, comparisons to other video games and brief key points. Just as the game should feel fast, powerful and colourful, I aimed for an energetic pitch and used an ’80s movie trailer look as well as short concise catchwords for its presentation slides.

After the idea had convinced enough fellow students, the project was continued by teamwork. The concept was discussed, revised and further developed in group meetings. Together with other members I worked on the underlying game design. We developed specific game mechanics such as enemy types, the process of enemy spawning, the increase of difficulty over time and player abilities. For this I set up a Game Design Document, which described the game mechanics and its style and thus served the team members as an orientation.

In the last two months of the project time, I participates increasingly in the programming of game mechanics and the integration of assets. Working with C# within the Unity Engine, I implemented specific content such as the dash ability of the player character. Furthermore I integrated the graphical interface elements provided by the artists and programmed their functionality. I also implemented the spawn of enemies. In this context, I designed the difficulty curve of the game by assigning internal cost values to enemy types. The spawn script buys the enemies before each enemy wave, using points that increase faster and faster, so that in the later course of the game more numerous and stronger enemies appear. In addition, I polished mechanics towards the end of the project. So I balanced the values of mechanics and fixed bugs. Further I enhanced various game actions by adding visual content such as particle effects to make them feel more powerful and satisfying.