An Endless Runner in which a fox-like creature attempts to escape a black hole in a pursuit across the surface of alien planets. 30 students worked on this project within one semester from conception to implementation. I was responsible for creating low-poly models ranging from extraterrestrial flora to steampunk buildings.

In order to be able to work productively despite the relatively short project duration, I had to quickly adapt to the required visual style of the models and the game itself. Using the 3D program Blender, I reinterpreted the concept drawings serving as templates with their different drawing styles and degrees of complexity into 3D models. To maintain the low-poly look, I omitted more inconspicuous details and overdrawn characteristic elements. In this way I adjusted individual assets to the overall visual concept without changing their basic ideas and statements.

Another criterion in the creation of the models was their further use for animation, texturing and implementation into the game engine. Therefore I regularly consulted the animation department to decide which parts should be movable and which should be placed separately from each other. Using a model of the protagonist as reference, I also scaled the objects to make it easier for the level designers to integrate them. Finally, after finishing a model, I created its corresponding UV map to allow an undisturbed work pipeline between modelling and texturing.

In this way, I contributed about two dozen models to the project, which enriched the levels and helped defining the visual style of the game.